Quick Tips

Settings of your site

You can change the settings of your site anytime.

Access rights

Every node has three options for access rights

How Sites handle URLs

Site manager automatically creates suitable links for your pages

Embedding video

The site manager allow you to embed YouTube and Vimeo links.

Transfer Nodes to another Site
Change Page Type

You can simply change the Node Type in the Editor. Please be advised that you may lose type specific information.

Working with Tables in a Node

You can add tables to your pages. Please consider mobile viewing when creating tables.

Download original pic
Save images on the server to use in body text
Working with Geo-Tags

Add a map to case studies, milestones, and locations.

Logos for headers and footers
Importing Pages from a spreadsheet

You can import pages from a spreadsheet from any page that allows imports.

Export your Pages to a text document
Add buttons

Adding a button? Super easy!